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Download a Frying Plan Proposal form in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it for free here:
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Completing your “Frying Plan” Insurance Proposal

We wish to remind you that you must disclose all the facts relating to the business. If you are in any doubt as to the correct answer to a question, then do not make a guess. Leave the question unanswered or contact Applegate Insurance to discuss the matter. If you fail to give totally accurate answers to the questions or you withhold information that may affect the Insurers acceptance of your business, then you may invalidate this policy and future claims may not be paid.

Policy Warranties

Refer to the Insurers Policy for Full Conditions and Warranties. Outlined below are the more common warranties that are breached by Clients which results in their policy being invalidated.

a) You must have your frying range serviced at least once a year by professional contractors. In addition all Ducting & Flues must be cleaned every year by professional contractors when the annual range service is carried out.

b) All Cooking Equipment and Ducting Systems must be at least 150mm from any combustible materials ( includes parts of the buildings )

c) All Oily and Greasy Waste must be removed to outside the shop after each and every frying session and stored in lidded metal bins.

d) If any aspect of the proposed risk changes during the insurance then notify Applegate Insurance Consultants. For example - installation of new equipment or changes in the nature of tenancy of flats over the shop etc.

e) The electrical installation at the entire premises must be inspected at least once every five years by an NICEIC approved contractor.

f) All Till/Cash Register Draws, must be left open and any cash removed when the shop is closed for business.

Policy Cancellations

If you cancel your policy mid term then you may not receive a full pro rata refund from your Insurers. The refund made will depend on claims that have been made and short period charges as shown in the policy document. In addition Applegate Insurance Consultants may not refund their commission element of the premium.


If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of your insurance then you may do so by writing to the Insurers ( address as shown on the policy) or directly to Applegate Insurance Consultants.

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