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The Frying Plan

Cover for Theft or attempted Theft under the Contents Section of your policy will only apply if the following minimum level of security (or alternative Security protections as agreed by The Underwriters) is installed at the Premises (Shop including any Outbuildings) within 30 days of commencement of cover.


All external doors (and internal doors leading to other premises not in your sole occupation)

Aluminium doors

Other doors - mortice deadlock conforming to BS 3621

Double doors - key operated locks or bolts must be fitted top and bottom of the first closing leaf, in addition to a lock as described above to the second closing leaf.

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

For final exit doors, single doors and double external doors. Not suitable for doors less than 1 ¾” thick.

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

Mortice Bolts

For single and double external doors. They may also be used for certain windows.Mortice Bolts

Mortice Bolts

Examples include: Banham L111A; M106; S363. Chubb 3G110; 3G114; 3G 220. ERA E108; E110. Ingersol M50. Legge 5511; 5512. Union 2127

Examples include; Banham R102, Chubb 8002, ERA 838, Ingersol DSB1, Yale PM444


All external basement, ground floor and other accessible windows which were originally constructed to open:

Key operated lock or Grills or Bars (not more that 5 inches apart) securely fixed to the brickwork or masonary surrounding the window.


Casement Window
Cockspur Handle lock

Sash Window
Sash window lock

Casement/Fanlight Casement Window

Additional security measures may be required in certain circumstances.

Note: in respect of Fire exits, advice should be sought from your local Fire Prevention Officer. Any alternative protections, however, must be agreed by The Underwriters for Theft cover to apply.

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